Sound designer and Game designer


b. 1986, HK.


Hello, I am Chris Bokowy, and I am to graduate May 2019 from the Interactive Arts and Media department at Columbia College Chicago. I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Game Design, with a concentration in Sound Design. I have a great passion for sound design, and when I am not working on projects where I am sound designing, I am exploring the world of audio and keeping up with the newest advancements and technologies to make myself a better sound designer everyday. Not only do I have a good ear for sound, but I love the technical side of sound when it comes to incorporating it into game engines. I am proficient in middle-ware software such as Wwise and FMOD, and have experience implementing sound from both of those audio middle-wares into Unity and UE3/4. I can also implement through hard coding and am proficient in C based programming languages. As of right now, I am looking for a studio or company that I can call home, that is filled with people I can call family. I aspire to grow to be an even better Game and Sound designer as it is my passion, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.